Business Idealism Group

How can BIG help you?

I am starting a business. What do I need to do to open my doors?

What are the goals for my business?

What is the difference between growing your business and scaling your business?

Should I have a business plan?

What is the difference between a business plan and a marketing plan?

Do I need a vision statement?

Do I need a mission statement?

What sources of funds should I explore?

What is private equity funding?

What is venture capital?

What are Angel Investors?

How much money should I bring into my business with an investor?

Should I consider debt finance?

Should I consider a combination of equity and debt?

Do you want to have a planned, well defined exit from your business maximizing the opportunities available to have a great retirement?

What other options do I have?

We can help you answer these questions and many more!!! We stand ready to address your concerns and help you thrive.