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Kimberly brings over 16 years of Executive Leadership experience, primarily in Human Resources and Assets Protection. Her ability to develop talented teams and assess an organizations strengths and opportunities, has endured success for several teams and companies. Kimberly has since become the CEO of S&P Advisor Group, and has a team of advisors that help organizations develop talent, increase employee engagement and decrease expenses, ultimately improving their overall profitability and success. Kimberly has served on several Executive Boards for both profit and non-profit organizations helping them sustain upward mobility and improve the overall success of their organization. Kimberly has also started another business, Vehicle City OnSite Fleet Services, in the Genesee County Area, and is working with the National SBA Executive Board to provide better opportunities for business owners across the nation.

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S&P Advisor Group:

Our team of accomplished senior level executives generates savings and profit through specialized tax incentives, as well as other cost savings and expense reduction strategies.

Vehicle City OnSite Fleet Services:

We provide onsite Fleet Maintenance and Repairs with our fully equipped workstations, eliminating the hassle of transporting your vehicles to and from a repair shop